Hi there, I’m Kelly! I’m the owner, creative director, designer, marketing guru, and pep-talker behind karma&kismet.

karma&kismet is a design studio that offers design services for businesses and weddings/special events. Kelly’s specialty is working with Disney Creators, because of her love of the Disney Company, but has worked on a myriad of projects with diverse clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – help individuals and businesses create magic. No matter if you are a Disney Creator or starting a non-profit organization, you want to make it special and unique, right? That’s what I can help you with.

Our Story

karma&kismet began as an Etsy store in 2014 out of the need for a creative outlet and escape. At the time, Kelly was working towards her Masters in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design and was struggling with some health issues. She turned to her art and fell in love with the small business/creative world.

karma&kismet has grown from a small Etsy store selling handmade home decor to a full-service design studio. With over ten years of experience working in graphic design for small businesses, large non-profits, and individuals, Kelly has honed her aesthetic that is greatly inspired by Disney Legends and artists such as Mary Blair, Glen Keane, and Ashley Taylor. Today, Kelly works with individuals and businesses to help them create magic – be it through a marketing campaign, brand identity, or a custom art print they have always imagined!

karma&kismet includes business services, a shop on Etsy, and a weekly blog that is perfect for Disney fans!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name karma&kismet come from?

When I was younger, my Grandfather wrote a book about his life to give to each of his grandchildren. He named the book “Karma, Kismet, Killops,” including his last name alongside words that symbolized his journey through life. Those words stuck with me since being gifted the book and popped back into my head when naming my business. At the time, I wasn’t sure what direction my business would go in. I loved Disney and knew that my work would always be inspired by the magic of Disney and great artists like Mary Blair, but I didn’t know if I wanted to box myself into a Disney-only company. I thought about my Grandfather’s book and the words that had stood out to me. I realized that the definitions of karma (the result of a person’s actions) and kismet (fate) were threads that wove themselves through every Disney story and life. Voila! I found a name that not only connected itself to Disney (in a very round about way), but connected me to my favorite person in the world – my Grandpa.

What’s with all the Disney?

I’m glad you asked! I was born into a Disney-loving family and grew up infatuated with the magic of the parks, movies, characters, and music. Disney has always been a source of inspiration for me and helped shape my art. Artists like Mary Blair, Glen Keane, and Ashley Taylor showed me the power of bold colors, lines, and individuality and Disney continues to be able to put a smile on my face no matter what the situation. When I created karma&kismet I wanted it to bring a little magic into people’s lives, like Disney does for me. So yes, as you rummage through my site and social media or have a conversation with me, you will see and hear a lot about Disney – because in the end, why wouldn’t you want a little bit more magic in your life?

Tell us more about you!

Well surely! I’m a cat mom to two adopted tabby cats named Pascal, after Rapunzel’s sidekick, and Rufus, after the cat from “The Rescuers.” My full-time job is at a hospital foundation where I handle all marketing, design, and events. When I’m not chasing after Pascal and Rufus, at work, or designing for karma&kismet I am either visiting a Disney Park or planning my next trip.

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