Becoming a Disney Creator: Disney Concierge Travel Planner

Are you a Disney fan looking for a way to share your love of the Mouse? Disney fans across the globe have learned ways that they can share their love of The Walt Disney Company with others, with many of them finding ways to earn money in the process.

Each month I highlight a “Disney Creator” – a Disney fan who has taken their love of Disney and turned it into something even more. This monthly blog series showcases diverse creators, visionaries, and business owners who are making magic through their social media accounts, on podcasts and YouTube, in their own stores, and even by planning other people’s vacations. What each of these individuals has in common is their love of The Walt Disney Company and their desire to share their creations with other Disney fans across the globe.

How to turn your love of Disney into a job

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WDW Park Planners – Disney Concierge Planning Service


Becoming a Disney Concierge Travel Planner

Ever thought about how much you love planning your family and friend’s Disney vacations and said, “hey, I should make this into my job!” Well Colleen, the Founder and CEO of WDW Park Planners did just that! Colleen runs a Concierge Planning Services company that helps families make the most of their Disney vacation. WDW Park Planners has grown into Colleen’s full-time job and has a growing team of fellow Disney-loving-planners who can help both first-time-visitors and returning Disney-goers have the most magical vacations.

Becoming a Disney travel agent

How did WDW Park Planners begin?

I launched WDW Park Planners in 2018 as a side hustle! I always had wanted to start my own business and knew that I wanted to do something Disney related, but I never knew exactly what that would look like. It was after a family Disney trip that I came up with the idea for the Concierge Service. After seeing families struggling at the parks, waiting in the longest lines, and frankly, not having a magical time, I wanted to help.

Helping families ‘Make Every Minute Magical’ on their Disney vacation has always been the main focus of WDW Park Planners.

Colleen, WDW Park Planners Founder & CEO

What concierge services do you offer to Disney vacation goers?

Our Concierge Service provides start to finish planning for our clients’ vacations. From getting our clients booked and tickets purchased, to making park reservations, dining reservations and FastPass selections (hopefully again soon!), we handle all of the advance planning. From there, we create a customized touring plan for each of their park days – based on their kids’ heights, ages, favorite characters, combined with the strategy we provide for attraction wait times, we come up with the best order for them to follow. 

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The clients receive a completely personalized itinerary with their touring plan, tips and tricks, and so much more! We have a pre-trip meeting to walk through everything and make sure the client feels prepared and ready to go when they show up for their vacation. The best part? We’re available 24/7 during their trip to answer any questions, make any changes, or take care of anything that comes up! That way, they can fully enjoy their vacation and not stress about a thing.

We offer planning for Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Universal Studios. We also book Disney cruises, Destinations by Disney and Aulani trips.

How to be a Disney Travel Planner

What drew you to the Disney community?

When I first started my business and created my @wdwparkplanners Instagram, I had no idea the massive scope of the Disney community! There are SO many people out there who have such a passion for Disney and the parks, and it’s amazing to see. The constant support I’ve felt from the Disney community has been overwhelming. It’s crazy to think that a lot of these social media friends have become real life friends that I work with, get together with (in person!), and see at the parks – I’m so incredibly grateful for it. 

What sets your concierge travel services business apart from others?

Planning a trip to Disney is unlike any other vacation. The two words I constantly hear from people is that it’s stressful and overwhelming – especially now with all of the changes happening at the parks and resorts! Our goal is to take away the stress and anxiety of planning from our clients.

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The level of service we offer with the Concierge Service combined with the customized planning experience is really what differentiates us. We’re there every step of the way before our client’s trip, but we’re also there all the way through their vacation. We develop close relationships with our families throughout the process, which makes it so special and fun – we’re just as invested in their trip as they are! 

What advice do you have for other Disney fans who want to turn their love of Disney into a business?

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” I truly believe anything is possible if you’re passionate and put in the work. The Disney community is here to support you and wants to see you succeed!

How to start a Disney business

Get to Know Colleen – Disney Concierge Service Travel Planner

When did you become a Disney fan? I became a “true” Disney fan when I was about 14 and started doing the trip planning for our family’s Disney vacations .

What is your favorite park?  Animal Kingdom

Who is your favorite character? Cinderella

What is something on your Disney bucket list? Sailing on the Disney Wish!

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