Where to Buy nuiMOs Accessories

If you haven’t already fallen in love with the poseable Disney plush known as nuiMOs, you’re about to. These adorable plush Disney friends are the perfect size to carry around the Disney Parks and take the cutest photos with. Of course, if they are doing all this traveling, your nuiMOs will need to be properly outfitted. I’ve found a ton of great accessories for your nuiMOs that you can get from a number of different stores online.

ShopDisney releases new nuiMOs clothing on the first Monday of each month and sometimes also has new plush and accessories. I’d definitely recommend they be your first stop when nuiMO shopping, but you might find they don’t have all your nuiMO needs. Not to worry – Etsy and Amazon have basically anything your heart could desire!

Disney nuiMOs accessories

A quick note, many people have asked what the sizing of the nuiMOs are and if they can wear the clothing from other toys, such as Barbies or the K-Pop dolls. So far I haven’t found a line that works well for the nuiMOs, but if I come across one I will edit the post.

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nuiMO Finds on Etsy

If you head to Etsy.com and search “nuimos” you will be amazed by the number of shops that offer nuiMO items and the creativity of the sellers! You can find anything from nuiMO sized Dole Whip to closets to hold all your nuiMOs’ clothing in. Seriously, just take a few minutes and search – you won’t regret it!

Some of my favorites that I have found so far include the below.

nuiMO Face Masks

$8 | AllEnchantingEars

Disney nuiMOs face mask
Credit: AllEnchantingEars

nuiMOs Disney Park Buttons

$5 | ForgeAndTinker

Disney nuiMOs Disney park buttons
Credit: ForgeAndTinker

Mickey Mouse Balloons for your NuiMO

$6.05 | EnchantedMOs

Disney nuiMOs Mickey Mouse Balloons
Credit: EnchantedMOs

nuiMOs Cast Member Name Tag

$5 | MaxPassMusings

Disney nuiMOs Cast Member name tag
Credit: MaxPassMusings

Printable Disney Foods for your nuiMOs

$5 | karma&kismet

Disney nuiMOs printable food
Credit: karma&kismet

nuiMO Finds on Amazon

Amazon has a plethora of accessories for your nuiMOs, but it is a little more difficult to find items that you know will work with the size of them. Below are a few I have found that work great and even have some photos to show how cute the nuiMOs are modeling the pieces!



Disney nuiMos bag


$16.99 (for 10) | Skylety Store

Disney nuiMOs backpack

nuiMO Home

$179 | YFDZONE

Disney nuiMOs doll house