Star Wars Movie Ranking Printable | Celebrate May the Fourth!

May the Fourth is not just a usual day in May. It’s actually international Star Wars day and if you are a Star Wars fan like me, you’re probably getting ready for your annual Star Wars movie marathon. To enhance the movie watching experience, I’ve created a FREE printable where you can rank your favorite Star Wars movies and TV shows.

My fiance and I filled out our rankings and we’re pretty much in agreement about what the best and worst Star Wars movies/TV shows. It was so difficult for me to not give some of the movies higher ratings just because I love everything Star Wars, but I tried to be tough!

How to Celebrate May Fourth

If you are looking for activities in addition to your Star Wars movie marathon to celebrate May the Fourth, take a look at some of my past Star Wars blog posts for ideas.

DIY Baby Yoda Pom-Pom Banner & Yoda Margaritas

Last year I decorated our mantle with a DIY Baby Yoda Pom-Pom Banner and made Death Star waffles! We also had a Galaxy’s Edge inspired dinner and Yoda Margaritas as our after dinner drink. Grab the free instruction for the Grogu/The Child/Baby Yoda banner and the recipe for Yoda Margaritas here!

Baby Yoda Margarita
Yoda Margaritas are such a fun way to celebrate May the Fourth
Blue Milk Recipe

If you grew up watching Star Wars like I did, you 100% were intrigued by the blue milk that Luke and his family drink on Tatooine. You can drink some very delicious Blue Milk (also known as Bantha Milk) in Walt Disney World or Disneyland at Galaxy’s Edge, but you can also make your own at home! Check out the recipe here.

Star Wars Blue Milk Recipe
Bantha milk is so yummy!
Dress the Part

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than to wear your favorite Star Wars shirt? Here’s a few of mine which are available in the shop!

Star Wars Bad Guy Shirt
Star Wars Bad Guys – I’m only good at being bad

Whatever you do for May the Fourth, I hope you have an incredible day and may the force be with you!