Marvel Movie Rankings FREE Printable

My fiance, Pat, and I recently finished our annual “rewatch” of all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. With all the new shows and movies coming out of the MCU, we felt like we needed a refresh and decided to rank each movie as we watched. I created a FREE printable Marvel Movie Rankings sheet that you can use at home for your next Marvel Marathon!

Marvel movie rankings printable

I had found a few other Marvel movie ranking printables online, but wanted to make one that was a little different. On this one that you can download here, you’ll not only rank each movie on a 5-star rating scale, but you can also rank the best and worst MCU movies, favorite and least favorite Avengers and villains, and recall your favorite line in a Marvel movie.

Pat and I had so much fun watching all the movies and then sharing our rankings at the end of each. It was very interesting to sit down and really think about what are favorite and least favorite movies, Avengers, and villains are after watching all the currently released movies.


Free Printable Marvel movies marathon

I should note, I did include the current shows that have been released as well as some of the upcoming movies planned. As all of us Marvel fans know, these release dates might change and more movies and shows will be added that I don’t have included here. I made sure to leave some extra space that you can use to add others that may not have been announced when I created this.

If you’re interested, I’ve shared my ratings in the picture above. Oh, and we watched the series in release order because my fiance is a big believer that that is the “correct” way – I say we need to watch it both ways!

Printable Marvel Cinematic Universe rankings

Let me know if you have a Marvel Marathon and if you use the printable! You can tag me on Instagram at @karmankismet of you can always comment on the post below!

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