Becoming a Disney Creator: Disney Content Creator

Are you a Disney fan looking for a way to share your love of the Mouse? Disney fans across the globe have learned ways that they can share their love of The Walt Disney Company with others, with many of them finding ways to earn money in the process.

Each month I highlight a “Disney Creator” – a Disney fan who has taken their love of Disney and turned it into something even more. This monthly blog series showcases diverse creators, visionaries, and business owners who are making magic through their social media accounts, on podcasts and YouTube, in their own stores, and even by planning other people’s vacations. What each of these individuals has in common is their love of The Walt Disney Company and their desire to share their creations with other Disney fans across the globe.

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Learn how to become a Disney Instagrammer from fellow Disney fans

@thepinkjasmin – Disney Content Creator

If you love all things Disney, crafting, and pink, you better be following @thepinkjasmin. A little over a year ago, Jasmin created a space in the virtual world to share her love of crafting, creating, and Disney that is the definition of dreamy. She has embraced the idea of “brining home the Disney magic” and finds creative and unique ways you can add pixie dust to every day. Read on to see how this Disney fan became a Disney Content Creator.

Disney crafter and creator The Pink Jasmin
Credit: @thepinkjasmin
@thepinkjasmin | Instagram
Why did your Disney Creator journey begin? 

A little over a year ago I almost deleted all of my social media. I was tired of getting online only to leave feeling terrible. Instead of quitting I decided I was going to make the most of my own little corner of the internet and start posting what makes me truly happy, which is creating, crafting, and Disney. Since I decided to make that change, my little corner of Instagram has been nothing but positive.

I like to create easy crafts and recipes, usually with a Disney twist.

Disney Content Creator
Credit: @thepinkjasmin

I was drawn to the Disney community because of the positivity and amazing people. I’ve met so many awesome friends from all over the world. It’s truly such a happy community.

How has your content evolved since you began?

My biggest change has definitely been getting organized! I used to just wake up and post what I wanted, but now I mostly plan out an entire month of postings the month prior. Down the line, I definitely see myself continuing creating content. I’d love to go back to school next year and pursue a degree that will help me advance creatively.

What advice do you have for other Disney Creators? 

Stay true to yourself and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. It’s easy to get lost in the hype of likes and follows, but if you’re just genuine and do this for your happiness, creating will be much more fun and much less stressful! 

Become a Disney Content Creator
Credit: @thepinkjasmin
What Does a Disney Conent Creator like @thepinkjasmin do?

Content creators produce materials, often digital, that cater to the interests and challenges of a target audience (hubspot). Disney content creators focus on creating entertaining or educational photos, videos, etc. that inspire their fellow Disney fans. Many have their own niche – like @thepinkjasmin who focuses on adding a Disney twist to easy crafts and recipes. Other niches within the Disney community include style, history, home decor and other life styles categories, travel, food and more. Basically, the world is your oyster as a content creator!

How Do Content Creators Make Money?

Content Creators, including Disney Content Creators, have many opportunities to monetize their work. The first is getting sponsored by companies to create content. Companies, including the Walt Disney Company, will “collaborate” with content creators to market a product to the content creators followers/subscribers. In order to get these types of partnerships, it is important to have a Media Kit that includes information about your brand such as number of followers, engagement rate, and general information about what your brand is.

Another way to make money as a Disney Content Creator is through advertising. This is specific to content creators on YouTube, who can earn revenue based on views of their videos once they have a certain number of followers and viewing hours.

Additionally, you can use your platform to sell your own products.

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How Do I Become a Disney Content Creator ?

In the Disney community, there are thousands, if not millions of fans who have turned their love of the Walt Disney Company into a business creating Disney content. Anyone with a camera, social media platform, and creativity can become a content creator, but it’s not as simple as it may seem!

If you want to become a Disney Content Creator, follow these important steps:

  • What am I going to post about? Think about what you are passionate about and what you can post about on a regular schedule. If you love cooking, maybe you create weekly Disney inspired Dinners and review the restaurants in the parks.
  • What should my brand name be? – Think about your brand name when you start out. You want to select something that illustrates what your focus is and be sure the name is available across the platforms that you plan on using.
  • How will I get and engage with my followers? – The biggest part of being a content creator is community. In order to be successful you need to create a space where fans of your content can engage with you and each other. Make a plan to determine how you will engage with your community – i.e. Post once a day, engage with followers 1 hour per day, engage with non-followers 1 hour per day

Once you’ve figured the answers to these important questions you’re ready to get creating!

Tips to Start a Disney Business
Get to Know @thepinkjasmin

Favorite Disney Character? Ahh! Is it crazy that I don’t have one? I just love everything Disney but mostly I love going to the parks. If I had to choose I’d say Mickey, the OG.

Favorite Disney Park? Pre-pandemic I would have said Tokyo Disney Sea. However, I miss my home park – Disneyland!

Disney Bucket List Item? Visiting all of the parks plus Aulani and a Disney Cruise. We’ve been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, and Disneyland Paris. But, our Aulani trip and Disney cruise were cancelled due to COVID-19 this year. 

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