Becoming a Disney Creator: Disney Vacation Planner

Are you a Disney fan looking for a way to share your love of the Mouse? Disney fans across the globe have learned ways that they can share their love of The Walt Disney Company with others, with many of them finding ways to earn money in the process.

Each month I will be highlighting a “Disney Creator” – a Disney fan who has taken their love of Disney and turned it into something even more. This monthly blog series will showcase diverse creators, visionaries, and business owners who are making magic through their social media accounts, on podcasts and YouTube, in their own stores, and even by planning other people’s vacations. What each of these individuals has in common is their love of The Walt Disney Company and their desire to share their creations with other Disney fans across the globe.

With each post, I’ll also share some tips on how you can become a Disney Creator.

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Learn how to turn your love for Disney into a full-time job with the help of Disney Creators!

Gabby – Disney Instagrammer and Certified Disney Vacation Planner

To kick off “Becoming a Disney Creator,” learn how Gabby connected with the Disney community after moving to Europe and turned her love of Disney into a business, becoming a Certified Disney Vacation Planner.

Become a Disney Creator and share your love of Disney with others in the community
Gabby | Disney Vacation Planner | Instagram | Facebook
Why did your Disney Creator journey begin? 

I jumped into the Disney community after relocating to a different country and feeling alone and away from friends and family. At the time I just had a personal Instagram, and my favorite accounts to follow were Disney creators, so I thought to myself, “if I’m so drawn to these accounts why not see if there’s a community of Disney friends?” And little did I know how extensive this community is!

I loved learning there was a community of people who loved Disney as much as I did. I wanted to be as “close” to the magic – even if that meant it was behind a screen watching someone else’s trip. 


At the time I started my account, I lived very close to Disneyland Paris (DLP), so naturally my account was heavily DLP trip content – mostly pictures of my husband and I in the parks and I would share tips for visiting Disneyland Paris. It has evolved since then to include trips with friends I have met through the Disney community, Disney at home content, and now traveling to different Disney Parks across the world!

Disney vacation planner
Credit: Gabby Trump
What advice do you have for other Disney Creators? 

I would say not get caught up in numbers, likes, follower counts, etc. Those things have no real correlation with your value or worth as a person, or even how “good” your account is – I know plenty of creators who know all the editing tricks and they have small accounts. Also, don’t compare yourself to what anyone else is doing, that includes how many trips people are taking or what people are buying. Comparison is the thief of joy. 

In terms of resources to get started, these days as long as you have a good camera on your phone you can create amazing pictures, so I’d say if someone is really wanting to jump in as a creator having a sharp camera is important. Another resource I found late was the app Adobe Lightroom – it allows you to play with light and color settings to create presets for photos. It’s amazing. A few other free apps I often use are PicsArt and Meitu

Disneyland Paris couple photo
Credit: Gabby Trump
What Does a Certified Disney Vacation Planner do?

Gabby, a Certified Disney Vacation Planner, helps families plan their magical vacations to the Disney Parks, on Disney Cruise Line, and Disney Vacation Club’s Aulani Resort. The best part? It’s 100% free to vacation-goers and the total paid by travelers is the same as if they planned the trip themselves – but they don’t have to do the work and they have someone looking out for all the best deals!

Gabby is trained in the College of Disney Knowledge and can help all types of Disney travelers find the best rates and have the most magical trip ever. In addition to Disney properties, Gabby can also assist booking vacations with Universal Studios, Sandals, Carnival Cruise Line , and Princess Cruise Line.

Let Gabby help you plan your next trip by visiting her webpage. Or email Gabby at You can also find Gabby on Instagram at @disneyparisplease or on Facebook at @gabbythevacationeer  

Disneyland Paris couple photos
Credit: Gabby Trump
Become a Certified Disney Vacation Planner?

To become a Disney Vacation Planner, you will need to go through several steps. First, find a host agency that you can apply to. There are many out there that you can find by searching “Disney Vacation Planner Job.” Read through their job posting carefully checking for the following:

  • What is the commission rate? You will be working as an independent contractor (meaning you won’t get an hourly wage or salary. All compensation is commission based).
  • Do you have to put out any money up front for training? – Try to avoid these unless you feel comfortable with the investment of money.
  • Does the travel agency have IATA (International Air Transport Association) and/or CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) accreditation? – This is something you want to be sure they have!
  • Does the agency require their agents to complete the College of Disney Knowledge (a correspondence course for Disney travel agents to learn about different resorts, cruise line, etc.) – this is important to be a certified planner.
  • What resources/support do they provide to find clients? – Often you will make a lesser commission rate for clients the agency provides you, but it will get you started.
How to become a Disney Vacation Planner

Once you have found an agency that is a good fit, you will most likely have to go through an interview process, showcasing your knowledge of the Disney Parks, ability to communicate with clients, and attention to detail. If you are offered the position, you will go through training before you can begin taking on clients.

As a Disney Vacation Planner, you will need to be prepared to market your business. You can do this through social media, word of mouth, email, and more.

Tips to Start a Disney Business
Get to Know Gabby – Certified Disney Vacation Planner

Favorite Disney Character? My favorite princesses are Belle and Ariel, and my favorite overall character has got to be Mickey. 

Favorite Disney Park? So tough! Well, having had an annual pass to Disneyland Paris the past few years it’s really near and dear to my heart – it’s such a beautiful and quaint park. So for now I’ll say DLP, but I’ve never had time for the full Walt Disney World experience so my answer may change soon! (As Gabby was writing this, she was heading on a Walt Disney World trip!)

Disney Bucket List Item? Cruising! I have been on two Disney Cruises, and I’m hooked! I’d love to get back on the ship and knock off a few more destinations. 

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