Disney Art to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to redecorate your home to fit the season, evolve with your growing family, and add some touches of Disney is by changing out the art you have hanging on your walls and displayed throughout your rooms. By just switching out the photos, illustrations, or other art you have framed, you can create a whole new look for your home and bring home some of the magic of Disney

Disney Art for Your Home on a Budget

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But let’s face it, art can be expensive. A piece of Disney Fine Art (the art that you can view and purchase in The Art of Disney stores in the parks and online) can easily run you $750+. Pieces like these would be statement art that you love and wouldn’t want to change out often. I’ve had my eye on several for a while now and one day will take the leap! For now though, I’m sticking to art that is a little less pricey.

Below I’m listing several easy and inexpensive way that you can add some Disney art to your home and redecorate on a budget.

Disney Home Decor on a Budget

Print Disney Vacation Photos on a Canvas

Just because you took a photo on your iPhone, doesn’t mean it’s not art! If you captured a favorite memory of your Disney vacation, get the photo printed at a store like Walgreens, Walmart, or SnapFish, but instead of getting a bunch of 5×7’s, get your photo printed on a canvas. Wrapped canvas photos take out the work of framing the piece and they are often super affordable because of the great coupons that print shops offer.

Canvas picture printing

Printable Disney Art

Printable Disney art is available on sites such as Etsy from artists who are inspired by the movies, parks, characters, and more. Most of these Disney art pieces will be easy to print right at home, so you can change out art as often as you’d like. If you’d rather not print at home, you can also use any print shop, like those listed above to have them printed.

Disney HOME printable art
Fall at Disney Printable Art
Printable Disney Halloween Art for the home

Vintage Disney Records

Next time you see a yard sale or Goodwill store, stop in to check out what vinyls they have. Often times you can get vintage Disney vinyls for less than $1. I grabbed this “It’s a Small World” vinyl on eBay for under $5 – which was a splurge compared to what I usually spend on records, but how sweet it?!

Frames for records can be a little expensive, but watch the sales at stores like Michael’s an Hobby Lobby to save up to 50%. I had trouble finding white record frames, so I actually wound up painting some black frames with white chalk paint (which if you don’t own you need to buy some and keep it in your DIY/craft/home decor arsenal! It’s my new go-to!).

Disney home decor with It's a Small World vintage vinyl

Disney Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill up a large wall space and if you’re a Disney fan, you can showcase all your different favorite Disney attractions, movies and characters. Gallery walls can run you quite a few dollars if you don’t budget from the start, but there are a few easy ways to save on this home decor trend – 1. Repurpose frames, but be sure to stick to one color of frame for a cohesive look. 2. Purchase art from artists online who sell prints – Etsy has some great Disney inspired artists who sell prints of their original work. 3. Mix family photos from your Disney vacation in with Disney illustrations and other pieces. 4. Don’t be afraid to use other kind of art like I’ve done in the below picture.

My biggest tip when putting together a gallery wall is to stick to a cohesive color palette to keep a clean look. Also, don’t be afraid to add texture to the space by using some three dimensional objects like clocks, hanging flowers, and other items that you love.

Disney Gallery Wall made with art prints, a puzzle, shelf, and more.

Disney Art for your Home