Disney+ Halloween Movies to Watch

Ever since Disney+ came out last year, I’ve loved taking trips down memory lane and rewatching some of my childhood favorites. I’ve rewatched “Lizzie McGuire” more times than I am willing to say and may turn on the “Aristocats” for Pascal and Rufus (our sweet kitties!).

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Thankfully, my fiance, Pat is also a Disney fan (well I kinda made him be one…), so we’ve started watching a Disney movie each week and then give it a rating 1 out of 5. It’s so interesting to see how are tastes have changed as we’ve gotten older and how our own likes and dislikes differ from each other. Example – Pat LOVES “Lion King” and I could leave it – as a cat mom, seeing Mufasa pass away gives me ALL the feels. And then I want to hug my cats and they run away, so you can see the issue here!

Disney Halloween Movies to watch on Disney+

With Halloween being right around the corner, we’ve gone full spooky season in our house! The pumpkins have been placed in every nook I could find, I’ve done more DIY Disney Halloween crafts than is probably healthy, and we’ve been watching all of our favorite Disney Halloween movies on Disney+.

Disney Fall movie night

To add even more fun to our Disney+ Fall Movie watching, I made a Disney+ Fall Movie Rating sheet where we can rate each movie on the Mickey Ghost scale. What is the Mickey Ghost scale you ask? Well, 1 Mickey Ghost means “eh, I would have rather watched the ‘Mandalorian’ again” (aka not a fan), and 5 Mickey Ghosts means you absolutely loved it and will be playing it on repeat in the background throughout the spookiest time of year!

Disney Halloween Movie Watch List
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You can grab your own Disney+ Halloween Movie Watch List and rating sheet here and print it out as many times as you’d like! It’s a great activity to do with the whole family or at your next Disney Halloween party!

If you’re hosting a Disney+ Movie Night, or just hanging at home cuddled up with your loved ones, here’s a few things to make your night even more fun!

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