DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween Welcome Mat

If there is one thing I love even more than a Disney DIY, it’s a Disney DIY using Dollar Store finds. This weekend I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree and found a floor mat for $1. I picked one up to make a brand new Halloween welcome mat for our apartment.

I’ve made other Disney welcome mats in the past, but they were different material that I had found in Ikea. While I love a good Ikea DIY, this was an even better option for seasonal decor because I was only spending $1!

DIY Disney Halloween Welcome Mat

I was able to use paint that I had around the house, but if you don’t have any white paint laying around, I would recommend grabbing a bottle of white chalk paint and a chalk paint brush. You can absolutely use white acrylic paint, but I’ve found that chalk paint withstands wear-and-tear a little better. It is a little pricier, but you won’t use as much to cover the area.

Once I had all my materials together, I created a quick stencil. I sketched a Mickey Mouse ghost using the Apple Procreate app on my iPad Pro, and then picked a font that I liked the look of to write “Boo!”. I printed these out on regular white printer paper and cut out the parts that I wanted to paint white to use a stencil.

You can grab this stencil for free here!

To make sure that the stencil didn’t move around while I painted, I used some tape to hold it down. Then I just painted in the areas where I wanted white paint and it was that simple!

If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive, and fun Disney Halloween DIY for your home, this is the perfect project to try!

Disney DIY Halloween Home Decor

Don’t be scared to get creative too! You can always switch off the font, word, or color with simple changes that will help to make you Disney Halloween welcome mat special to you!