Happiest Cubicle on Earth | Disney Desk Decor

Let’s face it, we’d all rather be in a Disney Park than sitting in our office cubicle. But, you gotta pay for those trips somehow! To make those days in the office a little more magical, I created what I like to call “The Happiest Cubicle on Earth” – AKA I created an atmosphere in my office that not only is conducive to me getting work done, but also reminds me of my favorite place in the world – Disney.

The first change I knew I needed to make was the walls of the cubicle. I grabbed about 5 yards of fabric from my local fabric store and was sure to pick a print that would bring some color to the walls, but wouldn’t overpower the space.

Disney office decor

I was inspired by a soft palette of pinks, blues, and greens, reminiscent of the retro Disneyland sign. For an excellent history on the Disneyland sign, visit Yesterland.

Disneyland sign
Photo credit: Yesterland

Sticking with the theme of the Disneyland, I purchased the “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Mug – Mad Tea Party” to hold my pens and pencils. I also made sure to fill the cup with pens that fit into the color palette. Pens that didn’t go as well were put in the drawer for easy access.

Disney mug to hold pens on desk

While most people will put up pictures in their workspace, I stepped it up a bit and framed a portrait I drew of myself in my natural habitat – drinking coffee with Minnie Mouse ears on!

Disney portrait

Instead of bookends, I bought a basket to hold my notebooks. I added green pom-poms to the basket to give it a little color and fun. And while you might be thinking that I put the Minnie Mouse ears there for a picture, nope! Those babies are always on my desk to remind me of my favorite place on earth!

Disney desk decor

I love letter boards and this one was too cute to pass up! It adds to the retro feel and I can easily change out the message. Maybe soon this will become a countdown to my next trip!

Disney letter board

Other elements that I included were

  1. Faux flowers
  2. A shelf with some of my favorite Disney Tsum Tsums
  3. Disney coasters
  4. A small dish to hold push pins and sticky note, both Disney themed of course!
  5. A Disney to do notepad
  6. A small clock
  7. Minnie Mouse photo clip
  8. A white desk mat to brighten up my workspace
  9. Planner, which of course has a Disney cover that I made for it, plus lots of Disney planner stickers!
Disney desk decor

And of course, in today’s day and age, I needed a place to hang my mask when not around others. This hook gave me all the It’s a Small World vibes when I saw it in Hobby Lobby, so I had to have it!

Disney cubicle decor