Ways to Visit Disney From Home

Did you Disney trip get cancelled? Looking for a way to bring a little Disney magic home with you? Or trying to fight that post-Disney-depression (yes, the struggle is REAL)? I got you covered!

Ways to Visit Disney from Home

Below I am sharing some ways that you can visit the Disney Parks while lounging in on your couch in your pajamas. It’s the next best thing to visiting the Happiest Place(s) on Earth and it doesn’t cost a dime!

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If you were a Disney-loving kid in 2005, you might remember Disney’s multi-player online game, Virtual Magic Kingdom. The online game was launched with the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland and was free to players. It didn’t have levels and there was no way to win, but instead was about transporting you into the parks. Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom sadly was shut down in 2008, as Disney stated that it was a promotional product and not long-term investment. In 2013, fans of the game recreated the game naming it “MyVMK.” You can play MyVMK from and computer or tablet and much, if not all aspects of the original game are intact.


This is of course an obvious one, but check out YouTube for hours of Disney Parks content. You can subscribe to YouTubers who live near the parks (TimTracker is one of my favs!), search for full parks walk throughs, or head straight to the source and subscribe to the DisneyParks channel.

Something else you can do is create a playlist of ride throughs of attractions. Consider planning a “day at the Magic Kingdom” for you and your family and line up a few of your favorite attractions in a YouTube Playlist. I found this retro EPCOT ride through playlist that includes a ton of my favorites from when I was a kid!

Virtual Disney Events

Many Disney creators have been producing some incredible content while supporting social distancing. Do a quick search on Google Events, EventBrite, and other event sites to find virtual Disney events that are taking place.

I recently hosted a Virtual Monorail Bar Crawl which you can access and complete at any time! Check it out and be sure to tag @karmankismet on Instagram if you host your own!

Virtual Disney Monorail Bar Crawl

Disney Home Scavenger Hunt

I created the Disney At-Home Scavenger Hunt a few weeks back and have been having so much fun completing it when I go out for walks around my neighborhood. You can download the scavenger hunt here and complete it as many times as you’d like!

At-Home Disney Scavenger Hunt

Trip Reports

Back in the day before YouTube was big, I used to read Disney Trip Reports on the Disboards.com to transport me to the Disney Parks when I couldn’t actually be there. I loved seeing how different people planned their vacations and felt like I was traveling along with them!

If you’ve recently visited the parks, why not write your own trip report too! This could be to share or just for yourself. It’s a fun way to remember your trip and help you relive it!

Reading Disney Trip Reports

Do you have other ways to visit the Disney Parks from home? Let me know below!

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