Disneyland Scavenger Hunt at Home

If you’re like my family, you’re always looking for fun ways to bring the magic of the Disney Parks home with you. We love finding reminders of our trips in our every day life and recalling fun memories from our vacations together.

I was wracking my brain to figure out so new ways that I could add some “Disney magic” to my days, especially when we are practicing social distancing, and stumbled upon the idea to make a Disneyland “At-Home” Scavenger Hunt.

Disney Scavenger Hunt at home

This scavenger hunt asks you to find a few iconic Disneyland items – a tiki bird, one golden sun, the backside of water, candle lights flickering, and Mister Rabbit. You can get as creative as you want with how you go about finding these items – maybe you head to your local park and make a day out of it, complete with a picnic. Or maybe you can find these items by just walking about your neighborhood. Whatever you do, this will be a great way to spend an hour or so getting some fresh air while reminded of Disney!

Disneyland scavenger hunt at home

Of course, you can download this printable Disneyland At Home Scavenger Hunt for free right here! If you use it, be sure to share a picture of you and your other scavenger hunt pals on Instagram and tag @karmankismet! I’d love to see how you do!

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