Expedition Roasters – Disney Inspired Coffee

When you can’t be in the Happiest Place on Earth, what’s the next best thing? Brew Your Happy Place®!

Expedition Roasters Disney Themed Coffee

Last week I was greeted to the most magical mail – a box of four different Themed Coffees™ from Expedition Roasters. For a Disney-loving-coffee-fiend, there really couldn’t have been a better pick-me-up while I wait for my next trip to the Disney parks!

Expedition Roasters, a specialty coffee shop that has expanded since its beginnings in 2014 to include teas, cocoa, and apparel inspired by Disney, pop culture, and other tales, was kind enough to send me four of their Themed Coffees™.

Disney Themed Coffee - Expedition Roasters

What are “Themed Coffees™” you ask? A term coined by Expedition Roasters, it is the seamless combination of premium hand crafted coffee with art and story to create a true experience and delight all of the senses, including Figment’s favorite, your imagination. So, how about we take a journey through the “Imagination Institute,” as I act as your guide (I’ll be way better than Nigel Channing, I promise!) and learn how Expedition Roasters delights all five of our senses, plus our imagination.


The first sense that Expedition Roasters will delight is your sense of sight. When I opened the box, I was struck by the true beauty of each of the four bags of coffee. “Skipper’s Brew,” was enclosed in a bag with the colors that are emblematic of the beloved Jungle Cruise, and even included a depiction of the famous Jungle Cruise boats (artwork by Mario Graciotti). “Fortune and Glory,” made me feel like I was getting ready to go on an adventure with Indiana Jones, with its nod to the Temple of the Forbidden Eyes (artwork by Mario Graciotti). “Happily Never After,” transported me to New Orleans Square and the Gracey Manor, paying homage to the purple and black used in the interior decorating of the Haunted Mansion (artwork by Gavin Otteson). And finally, “Simply Sinful,” incorporated the silhouette and scales of our favorite bad girl, Maleficent (artwork by Mario Graciotti).

Disney Themed Coffee

I have to say, this is the first bag of coffee that I don’t mind leaving out on the counter, because it looks more like a piece of art, than a container for my morning coffee!


Taking the bags of Expedition Roasters Disney themed coffee out of the box they arrived in, I was struck by the quality of the bags. They each have a matte finish that makes them feel more like velvet than anything else.

The best part of the bags? The zip-lock. Each bag has a zip-lock closure to seal your coffee. Once you’ve closed the zip-lock, you can slowly squeeze the bag. The air will release through the one way valve to prolong freshness. This is the first bag of coffee that I have not emptied into a mason jar to keep fresh and it seems to be working!


I tried each coffee over a week, doubling up on a couple that I truly fell in love with. Each time that I opened a bag, the smell wafted through my kitchen and was the reminder to my boyfriend that it was time to get the day going!

Disney Jungle Cruise themed coffee

“Skipper’s Brew,” a Banana Pie flavored coffee, smells like a fresh loaf of banana bread just came out of the oven. “Fortune and Glory,” a Bourbon Streusel brew, reminded me of a truly dark roast, with a hint of the rich smell of bourbon. “Happily Never After” smells exactly how you would imagine a praline flavored coffee to – sweet with a hint of something a little richer. Finally, “Simple Sinful,” was much sweeter smelling than the other three due to the chocolate raspberry flavoring.

What I appreciated most about the smell of the coffee, was that unlike other coffees that I have tried, they were true to the flavoring of the brew and did not have a “chemically” smell.


I tried each of the coffees with my boyfriend, Pat. I’m usually a fan of french vanilla and other flavored coffees, where as he tends to lean towards the traditional dark roast. I also enjoy sugar and almond milk in my coffee, while he drinks it black or with a small amount of skim milk. Due to these differences, it wasn’t too surprising to we had different thoughts on the Expedition Roasters brews.

Neither of us are coffee sommeliers

Skipper’s Brew – Banana Pie

Disney Themed Coffee

When you take a sip of “Skipper’s Brew” you are instantly hit with the taste of fresh banana pie. Both Pat and I were surprised at how well Expedition Roasters was able to capture the taste of bananas without over powering the coffee. I’m not a huge fan of bananas, so I probably wouldn’t select this brew for my every day morning coffee, but it was nice treat. Pat on the other hand, was a big fan even though he’s not usually into flavored coffees.

Fortune and Glory – Bourbon Streusel

Disney Themed Coffee - Indiana Jones

“Fortune and Glory” was Pat’s favorite out of the four that we tried. It seems to be a darker roast and the bourbon taste is strong throughout. It tasted exactly like the coffee you would think an adventurer like Indiana Jones would need after saving the world once again.

Pat drank it black and felt that adding cream, milk, or sugar would have ruined the taste.

For someone used to much lighter roasts and a not a bourbon drinker, this one was not for me. I added almond milk and sugar, which might have been part of the reason that I didn’t enjoy it as much as Pat did.

Happily Never After – New Orleans Praline

Disney Themed Coffee - Haunted Mansion

The taste of “Happily Never After” is “to die for,” as Expedition Roasters promises on the story included on the back of the bag (more on that below!) It was hands down my favorite of the four I tried, with a light, nutty, and sweet flavor that made you feel like you were enjoying a praline while sitting in New Orleans Square.

Pat enjoyed this one as well, but was more of a fan of “Fortune and Glory” and “Skipper’s Brew,” which is good because now I don’t have to share it with him!

Simply Sinful – Chocolate Raspberry

Disney Themed Coffee - Maleficent

Both Pat and I were a little hesitant about this one, wondering if the raspberry and chocolate combination would be to sweet. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Expedition Roasters had found the perfect balance of flavors. “Simply Sinful” tastes like you’re eating a chocolate covered raspberry without the added calories. I really enjoyed this coffee and have had several more cups since first trying it.

The best part about the taste of Expedition Roasters? It’s certified Gluten Free and Allergen Free. As someone who ate Gluten Free for more than a year, and who has a family member with Celiac Disease, I appreciate that Expedition Roasters went the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of those with allergies.


When you purchase a bag of coffee from Expedition Roasters, be sure to read the back of the bag. Pat and I loved reading aloud the stories that they included on each bag that explained the connection between the artwork on packaging with the flavors and inspiration.

Disney Themed Coffee - Haunted Mansion


Let’s face it, being a Disney fan who doesn’t live near the parks can be frustrating. You miss the attractions, the food, and everything else in between. So, when you find something that reminds you of your favorite character, attraction, or location, you fall in love with it.

Disney Themed Coffee

Each bag of Expedition Roasters coffee expands the story of some of our favorite Disney tales and allows you to imagine even more. They transport you to your favorite spot with each sip and help you Brew Your Happy Place®.

For more information about Expedition Roasters, visit their website at expeditionroasters.com. Expedition Roasters coffee, tea, and other items are available for purchase on their website, with select items available at Main Street Market located in the Anaheim, California Howard Johnson, White Oak Home in Westwood, New Jersey, Geekz Haven in Dothan, Alabama, The Kitchen and Bath Source in Maryville, Missouri, and Fortune Emporium in Livermore, California.

Thank you to Expedition Roasters for gifting me the four coffees. All opinions included in the post are my own.