DIY Mickey Mouse Basket

I’m always looking for easy ways to add a hint of Disney to my house without breaking the bank. I also find it really fun to get creative and repurpose items into home decor. This led me to create this very easy Disney DIY Mickey Mouse basket.

DIY Mickey Mouse Basket

To get started, you’ll need a few items:

  1. Mickey Mouse treat container – This is actually how this all started. I grabbed one of these snack containers while in Target as a treat for myself and thought the container was just too cute to get rid of!
  2. Rope – You can get this at a dollar store, any craft store, or of course on Amazon
  3. Hot glue and glue gun – You will use a lot of glue to make your basket, so be sure to have a handful of glue sticks at the ready. Also, because of this, you may not want to involve any kiddos in this craft to ensure their safety.
  4. Paint and paint brushes – I would recommend Chalk Paint, because it will actually stick to the plastic material, as regular acrylic craft paint often takes many layers to get a nice look.
  5. Scissors – Be sure you have a good pair of scissors to cut the rope.
What you'll need to create your own Mickey Mouse Basket

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Basket:

The steps to make your Mickey Mouse Basket are super simple and won’t take you too long.

  1. Wash out the container, ensuring there are no oils from your hands or dust on the surface.
  2. Paint your container – I painted the inside of the container, where you will place items in the basket. If I do it again I’ll probably paint the outside (which will be covered by the rope) so I don’t have to worry about paint chipping when items are placed in it.
  3. Wrap the rope around the container using hot glue to secure the rope – I started at the middle of Mickey’s head and wrapped around in a counter-clockwise direction. I worked my way around Mickey’s face on the bottom and sides and then on the top. I cut the rope and did the ears separately just for ease, but you could do all of the head without cutting the rope.
DIY Mickey Mouse Basket

And that’s it! I told you it was easy! I’ve seen some other DIY Mickey Mouse baskets where people actually cut out a Mickey head on cardboard and create levels of rope. That’s another option if you don’t want to spend the money on the treat container, but for me, I love those like snacks so it’s a win-win!

Easy Disney craft - DIY Mickey Mouse Basket

Let me know if you try out this craft by sharing it on Instagram and tagging @karmankismet. I’d love to see how you style yours in your home!

Create a Disney craft - Mickey Mouse Basket