Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Watching Party

In May 2020, Disney+ released the sequel in the Maleficent story, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” I loved the first movie and was so excited when I saw that the second was coming to Disney+! I knew I had to do something special to mark the occasion.

Maleficent Themed Party

I decided to throw a watching party (with my boyfriend and cat!) complete with decorations and special food and drinks! Little did I know when I started planning our watch party that Friday was also Disney’s Halfway to Halloween celebration – it worked out perfectly for us to take part!

All of these crafts and foods are a great way to throw a Disney Villains’ themed Halloween party!

Below is a rundown off all the elements of our Maleficent watching party. The majority of decorations were. Made with construction paper and cut using my Brother Scan ‘N Cut. I picked up a few items at my local Dollar Tree, but a lot I was able to repurpose from past parties or just using items I had around the house!

Maleficent Themed Decorations

To get the feel of Maleficent, I decided to stick with a color scheme of black, white, purple, and green. I focused my efforts on where we would spend most of our time, rather than trying to decorate my whole house. For me, that meant the dining room table and the mantel where our TV is.

Maleficent Themed Party

On the dining room table, I set places for my boyfriend and me. I had black and white striped placemats from IKEA that served as a great base, but you easily could use a solid color placemat or even make your own with some fabric. On top of the placemat, I added a large doily that I glued the silhouette of Maleficent on us using card stock and then placed a transparent glass plate on top. I love using glass plates for themed dinner settings because you can quickly and inexpensively change up the look of your setting without spending a lot on new tableware. For the final touch, I added a purple napkin that I got from the Dollar Tree.

Table setting for a Maleficent themed party
Is there anything better than a cupcake centerpiece?

Of course, we couldn’t have just plain old drink bottles at our Maleficent watching party, so I created these “Maleficent Brew” bottle labels, which you can download for FREE! These labels are made for an average size beer bottle, but could be manipulated to use with a wine bottle or around a cup for your guests who will not be drinking adult beverages

Disney Maleficent Beer Label Free Download

I set up some green and purple straws it’s Maleficent’s silhouette on them, which again I cut out on the Brother Scan N’ Cut – talk about a time saver! If you are planning to do a lot of DIY decorations I would totally recommend the Scan N’ Cut. It’s helped me make professional looking crafts in half the time.

All of the Maleficent silhouettes I created files for using Adobe Illustrator and then saved as an SVG file and uploaded into the Brother Canvas Workspace. If you don’t have the tools to create your own SVG files, you can always check out Etsy to find downloads for a reasonable price.

DIY Maleficent straws
Use a hole punch and punch two holes in the silhouette to create these straw accessories.

Over on the mantel, I wanted to add some soft touches of Maleficent. I have a greenery swag on the mantel year-round, and decided I could create some black flowers from card stock and add them throughout the swag. Creating the flowers was super simple and just took some scissors, card stock, and hot glue. If you want to create your own, all you’ll need to do is cut a circular swirl (about 3 to 4 layers) and then roll the paper together and glue the middle of the flower to the base to secure.

In addition to the swag, I dressed up some battery operated candles that I had. For one set I cut out a silhouette of Maleficent and just taped it onto the candle and for the other, I used some vinyl that I had purchased in the fall from Michael’s (I believe it was Cricut brand) and just wrapped it around the candle. What I especially loved about this was that I didn’t make any permanent alterations to the candles, so they went right back to normal after.

What you’ll need to create Maleficent themed candles
Maleficent themed candles
What you’ll need for Maleficent themed candles
Maleficent silhouette candle

Food for Your Maleficent Party

For dinner I served “spinning” wheel pasta to pay homage to the spinning wheel that Aurora pricks her finger on the classic fairytale. I added some turkey meatballs and a lemon and spinach sauce, but you could serve whatever you like with the pasta.

Mini wheel pasta used for our Maleficent dinner party
If you are gluten free, there are also wheel pasta available for gluten free diets!

I also made some green jello in a martini glass with black berries to add that little bit of “spookiness!”

Green jello and blackberries for our Maleficent party
If you’re trying to be a bit healthier, you can always forgo the cupcakes and stick to this jello and fruit dish for dessert!

Finally, I made chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and topted them off with handmade Maleficent cupcake toppers. These are super easy to make and all you’ll need is card stock, the Brother Scan N’ Cut/scissors, toothpicks, and tape.

Green cupcakes for our Maleficent Party
To create the green frosting add a liberal amount of green food dye to white icing.

Enjoy the Movie

After all the decorations were set up and we had our dinner, we sat down to watch the movie and loved it! Angelina Jolie does an incredible job at portraying Maleficent and we loved all the new characters who were introduced!

If you have your own Maleficent watching party, let me know by sharing pictures on Instagram and tagging @karmankismet! I would love to see all of your creativity!