How to Use Chalk Paint & Make Your Own Stencil

I heard about chalk paint a while back and at first thought that people were talking about chalkboard paint. After doing a little research I quickly realized that they are two very different paints. Chalk paint was made famous by designer Annie Sloan and has since been adopted by other companies. The paint is super matte, giving the furniture a “chalky finish.” Due to it’s chalk nature, it is supposedly one of the best types of paints to use on IKEA furniture (you know, that furniture that is kind of shiny and doesn’t have the grooves of “real” wood).

How to use Chalk Paint and Create Your Own Stencil

This weekend I decided I needed to try hand at chalk painting on furniture. I picked up FolkArt Home Decor Chalk paint (available on Amazon) and some brushes that are specifically for this medium. While I was at it, I also wanted to create a custom stencil using my Brother ScanNCut.

Check out my DIY weekend adventure in the below YouTube video.

If you’d like to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

1. Chalk Paint

2. Chalk Paint Brushes

3. Piece of furniture

4. Brother ScanNCut – or purchase an already made stencil

5. Stencil Paper

What to do:

1. Set up your space and wipe down the piece of furniture you’ll be painting

2. Paint the furniture with your base color – I did 2 coats and it covered the piece beautifully – be aware you’ll need to leave 2 hours between each coat to allow it to dry

3. Make your stencil (or purchase one – the stencil I created is available as an svg file in my shop) – If you are going to make your own stencil, you can follow what I did and design your print in Procreate, then save it as a svg file in Adobe Illustrator, and finally upload it into the Brother CanvasWorkspace.

4. Using painters tape, place your stencil down and begin stenciling

5. Enjoy!

Chalk Paint on IKEA furniture