DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath | Video

In preparation of the first day of spring, I was in need of a new wreath for my front door. I wanted something with a bit of Disney magic and lots of yellow to compliment my teal front door. I looked around at a number of stores to see what was available, but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked or that I wanted to spend (mucho) money on. After figuring out I would not find what I really wanted, I decided to make my own and challenged myself to spend under $10 for all of the supplies.

DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

With a visit to my local Dollar Tree, I was able to get all of my supplies for $8 and create a the perfect spring wreath with lots of yellow flowers and Disney magic.

Check out the video below to see how I created my perfect spring Disney wreath in the shape of Mickey Mouse for under $10.

What You’ll Need:

  1. One Large Wreath
  2. Two Small Wreaths
  3. Assortment of Faux Flowers
  4. Thin Wire
  5. Wire Cutter
  6. Hot Glue Gun
  7. Hot Glue Sticks

You can see the steps to create your own Mickey Mouse wreath in the video above. It’s very simple and you could easily create a different wreath for each season!

DIY Disney wreath
Make your own Disney wreath for under $10!

If you create your own DIY Mickey Mouse wreath be sure to share it on Instagram and tag @karmankismet!