Guide to Disney Store Key Collecting

Disney Store keys – what are they, why do people love them, and are they really worth getting up early to stand in line for?

This week I’m answering all the Disney Store key questions and taking you along as I get the most recent key (as I’m writing this), the Tigger Leap Day 2020 key. Check out the video and continue reading below for all the info you’ll need to start collecting!

Disney Store keys began several years ago as an added bit of magic for guests. The first key released, that is still available (as I am writing this is March 2020), is the Opening Ceremony key. One Opening Ceremony key is given away each day to the first guest* in line at participating stores (check to be sure your local Disney Store participates) who helps to open the store.

*Note: If you’re not a cute kid and you’re first in line, you might still get passed over for the first child in line… I know, kids get to have all the fun!

With the success of the keys, Disney began releasing limited edition styles including a Mickey Mouse key for his 90th birthday, Holiday keys to celebrate the winter holidays, a Donald Duck key for his 85th birthday, and keys inspired by the latest movie releases, like Aladdin, Frozen 2, and Toy Story 4.

How to Get a Disney Store Key

Unlike the Opening Ceremony key, the keys listed above are limited edition. The number has changed over time, but most recently each store has 150 keys that are given to the first 150 guests who spend $15 or more.

Keys are also available on with a special code, but are supposedly very difficult to obtain because of the number of people seeking the keys.

Disney Store Key Collecting

I have never tried to get the key online, so I can’t speak to the process or difficulty, but I can say that going to the stores by me has always been a pretty painless experience.

I arrive 45 to 30 minutes prior to opening and am usually about 30 to 50 people from the front of the line. Depending on the crowd, Disney Store Cast Members will distribute tickets with a number. If you receive a ticket and make a purchase of $15, you are guaranteed a key. On certain key release days tickets were not distributed at the Disney Store I was at and it was more of a mad-dash to the registers, but still nothing terrible!

Track Your Disney Store Key Collection

To help you keep track of your Disney Store Key collection, download this free printable Disney Store Key Collection Tracker!

Upcoming Key Releases

Updated 9/10/2020

With the onset of COVID-19, the release of Disney Store keys have taken on a different model to ensure that social distancing is practiced. Since February, there has not been in-person releases in the United States. However, keys, including the Ink & Paint key, have been available for purchases via

Are you collecting the Disney Store keys? Let me know which one is your favorite below!