Pack With Me: Disney Weekend | VIDEO

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who love packing and those who hate it. I’m part of the former group and think of packing for a trip as part of the fun of getting ready! This week I got to pack for my Disney weekend trip and of course I loved every second of it! However, this packing adventure was a little bit different than usual . . . I only have a personal item.

I’ll be heading to Walt Disney World this evening for a super quick trip – 48 hours of non-stop magic! Why are we going? 1. It’s my boyfriend, Pat, and my 2 year Anniversary, 2. to check out the Festival of the Arts at Epcot, and 3. because we got SUPER cheap flights on Spirit Airlines (check out my post on Travel Hacking to learn how we are flying round trip for $126 round trip). We’re both excited to spend whatever time we can exploring the festival and eating some yummy foods together. But we only have a personal item to get all our clothes, toiletries, accessories (a girls gotta have her Minnie Mouse ears!), and anything else we need down to Florida.

Pack with Me Disney Weekend

Anyone else sweating thinking about it? Just kidding! It’s super easy if you plan out exactly what you’re bringing, organize everything you’ll need properly, and have a bag that is conducive to this kind of travel. I filmed a quick “Pack with Me” video that you can view below that outlines how I get ready for all of my Disney trips and what I’m doing differently when I have to pack super light. I’ve also included a couple free downloads below that will help you plan what you’ll need for a trip of any length!

Check out the video below to see how I pack for a weekend trip with just a personal item!

Plus, be sure to download the handy-dandy packing list and outfit planner that I have included to help you out for your next trip!

Disney Packing List Free Download


Disney Outfit Planner Free Download