How to Add Disney Magic to Your Wrapping | Christmas Presents

Add Disney Magic to Your Gift Giving

There is something so magical about presenting a loved one with a beautifully wrapped gift. It can make a present even more personal and just looks so darn pretty! However, personalizing every gift can be a lot of work – What wrapping paper should I get? Is there a certain kind of ribbon that’s best to use? How do I decide what gift tags to buy? And what if I’m not crafty?! Add on top of that the desire to add a little “Disney magic” to every package and you’re probably starting to panic a bit.

But there’s no need to! I’ve put together a guide that makes sure every present you wrap is not only filled with magic but has that Disney touch!

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Bring some Disney magic to your gift giving with this gift wrapping guide

The Basics of Wrapping

Let’s break it down – all you need to make a beautifully wrapped present is:

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape
  4. Ribbon/string
  5. Gift Tag

Wrapping Paper

If you’re looking for Disney wrapping paper, check out stores like Walmart, Target, CVS and Amazon to find lots of options at reasonable prices.

Disney Christmas gift wrapping
I love the simplicity of the wrapping paper designs and that you get two rolls!

Hallmark is also a great option for wrapping paper and depending on where you live, they can get it to you fast!

Disney Christmas gift wrapping
This is one of my favorite designs, but there are lots to choose from, including Frozen and Star Wars!

If you’d rather save your “Disney magic” for other parts of your wrapping, grab any type of wrapping paper or consider getting a roll of Kraft Paper. I love this one I found on Amazon because it comes with red and white twine that can be used to tie up the packages!

Holiday Gift Wrapping How To
You will receive three rolls of Kraft Paper plus twine.

If you a quick intro to wrapping a present like a pro, check out this video from HGTV that teaches you not only how to wrap boxes, but also oddly-shaped items.

Before you actually start any of your wrapping, be sure to pick up a good pair of scissors and several rolls of tape.


You can build your “ribbon arsenal” as I like to call it throughout the year, but if you’re just starting out grab these basics:

Gift wrapping essentials
Red Satin Ribbon
Gift wrapping how to
Thick Wired Ribbon
How to wrap the prettiest presents
Multiple Colored Twine
Wrapping Christmas Gifts
Burlap Ribbon
Disney Christmas Ribbon
Fun Patterned Ribbon
A Guide to Christmas Wrapping
Assorted Thin Ribbon

Gift Tags

Gift tags are where you can really get creative! There are a ton of options that you can consider including the following.

Personalized Wooden Gift Tags
Personalized Wooden Gift Tags
Disney Christmas Gift Tags
Printable Disney Gift Tags (from your’s truly!)
Wooden Initial Gift Tags
Initial tags
Mickey Mouse Santa Gift Tags
Santa Mickey Mouse Tags
Wooden Mickey Mouse Ear Gift Tags Personalized
Personalized Mickey Mouse Ears

Start Creating

Now that you’ve gotten your wrapping paper, gift tags, and ribbon, you’re ready to get creating. Mix and match or go with one look! Either way, you’re sure to add just a little bit more magic to your gifts this year when you curate the perfect look!

Add Disney magic to your Christmas gifts