5 Ways to Bring Disney Magic to Your Desk and Office | Free Computer Background

No matter if you work from home, have a traditional 9 to 5 office job, are in school, or are a full-time parent, having a comfortable workspace is important. Studies have shown that your desk and work environment play a major role in your mood and productivity.

There are lots of guides out there that outline ways to make your workspace more conducive to producing your best work. Most of these guides focus on finding the perfect lighting, seating, air quality, temperature, and background noise. But let’s say you’ve figured that all out, or you’ve figured out that you can’t control these aspects of your office, and are looking to bring a little Disney magic to your workplace.

5 Ways to Bring Disney Magic to Your Desk - Disney lifestyle

You’ve come to the right place! Below are 5 ways to bring Disney magic to your desk. Now, I’m not going to say I’m an “expert,” but my workspace is known for being the “Disneyland” of the office.

1. Disney Stationery

Bring magic to your office! Disney stationery adds a little bit of pixie dust to your desk, office, home, classroom, or dorm!

From to-do lists, to post-its notes, Disney inspired stationery can help bring a little reminder of your favorite place to your work day. Check out small businesses, like karma&kismet, to find some unique Disney inspired stationery! Best part of Disney stationery? Everyone who gets a note on one gets a little magic added to their day!

2. Disney Scented Room Spray

5 Ways to Bring Disney Magic to your Office and Workspace

I am a true believer in room spray after buying my “Grand Floridian” scented spray this past year! Every morning I give my office a quick spritz before I settle in and spray it again when I need a little pick me up.

3. Disney Art

Personalized Disney Minnie Mouse Ears help make your office even more magical!

Blank walls? Pssh! Is that offering any inspiration? No way! Do a quick search online for a print of your favorite Disney character, attraction, park, or moment in history to decorate your office. Not only will the Disney art remind you of something that brings a smile to your face, it most likely will be a conversation starter too!

4. Disney Music

5 Ways to bring Disney magic to your desk

Music has a way of transporting us to our favorite place. That definitely goes for Disney music. There are a ton of different platforms you can use to bring some Disney magic into your day, such as Spotify, YouTube, or my favorite, Sorcerer Radio!

5. Disney Computer Background

FREE DOWNLOAD - November Thanksgiving Disney Computer Background

Changing your computer background is free and can be a constant reminder of your favorite place, Disney! I create a new background each month to add some pixie dust to my computer and have November’s Disney computer background available for download!