Top 5 Beers in Walt Disney World

One of the coolest aspects of Disney is the wide variety of cultures and cuisines represented in both the parks and the resorts. Every trip, there is always a new culinary experience to enjoy, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit during the Epcot International Food & Wine.

Last week, Kelly and I were able to explore the Food & Wine Festival (we may have gone multiple times during our trip), and it was an awesome experience. Naturally, I was excited to be able to try beer from all around the world, which got me thinking, what are the best beers that you can purchase at Disney? So, leveraging a very scientific method (drinking a lot of beers) and wearing my Disney beer t-shirt, I have compiled a list of the top 5 beers currently available at Disney and the locations where you purchase them.

Matching "Red Shorts Ale" karma&kismet shirts for our journey to drink around the world at Epcot during the International Food & Wine Festival!
Kelly and I starting our highly scientific research to find the best beer in Disney

5) White Wampa Ale – German Hefeweizen – 4.5% ABV- Ballast Point Brewing

The White Wampa Ale in a cool Star Wars themed glass at Olga's Cantina.
The White Wampa Ale in a cool Star Wars themed glass at Olga’s Cantina

This Hefeweizen is a delicious banana and citrus beer. It’s a little bit on the lighter side but since it is only available in Olga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge, it’s great to help cool down on a hot day. It’s served in an ornate glass, which really makes you feel like part of the Star Wars world.

4) Tusker Lager – Pale Lager – 4.2% ABV – Kenya Breweries

Top 5 Beers you have to try in Disney World!
We love the design of the Tusker Lager label too!

This beer epitomizes what is so great about beer at Disney. Never before have I ever had a beer from Africa, and I would have never thought I would get the opportunity to try a beer from Kenya. After doing some quick research, there are a handful of places around me that carry Tusker, but I likely never would have purchased it.

This is a lighter beer that has plenty of flavor. The most prevalent flavor is malt with a slight citrus taste. I had my Tusker Lager in Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s also located in Sanaa, Mara and Victoria Falls in the Animal Kingdom Lodge and at Dawa Bar and the Tusker Bar in Animal Kingdom.

3) Miriam’s Irish Coffee Stout – Stout, Irish Dry – 5% ABV – Coppertail Brewing Co

Enjoying a drink at Raglan Road Irish Pub in Disney Springs.
Enjoying the Irish Coffee Stout while warding off lovebugs.

This dry Irish stout is one of my favorite stouts I’ve had in a long time. It was available in one of my favorite stops on our trip, Raglan Road Irish Pub located in Disney Springs. The stout was a nice, dark beer with notes of coco, coffee and cream.

As a bonus, if you’re visiting Raglan Road, also try the Magners Pear Cider. Typically, I find ciders to be way too sweet for my liking, but this cider pleasantly surprised me.

2) 72 – Pale Ale – 5.6% ABV – First Magnitude Brewing

72 Pale Ale outside on the deck at the Nomad Lounge in Disney's Animal Kingdom.
72 Pale Ale outside on the deck at the Nomad Lounge

72 is a medium bodied, citrusy pale ale that has a truly great flavor. I got this beer in the Nomad lounge on a super hot day in the Animal Kingdom. The notes of lemon and orange made this a shockingly refreshing beer that really hit the spot.

1)Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale –Amber Ale – 6% ABV – Concrete Beach Brewery

The Kungaloosh Ale is a Disney exclusive, available in Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom.
The Kungaloosh Ale is named after the beloved “Adventures Club” chant.

The Kungaloosh Ale is a Disney exclusive beer, inspired by African style amber ale. It’s currently available in the Nomad Lounge, Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks and Tiffans in Animal Kingdom and Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom.

The Kungaloosh is a spiced beer with strong notes of cinnamon. This is probably the heaviest beer I had in Disney but, don’t let that prevent you from trying it. The beer is brewed using sorghum so it has a pretty distinct taste. I think even someone who isn’t a huge beer fan would enjoy this one on a hot day.

5 beers you need to try next time you visit Walt Disney World

Have you tried all, if any of these beers while visiting Walt Disney World? I’d love to hear what your thoughts were on them, or if you think I missed one that should have made the top 5! Let me know if the comments below.