Disney Travel Hacks – Ways to Save at the Disney Parks

If you’ve been following along with my Disney Travel Hacks series, you’ve found out ways to save on airfare to Disney and how to save on accommodations. Of course, the next step to taking a Disney vacation that won’t put you into debt is saving money in the parks.

The Birnbaum Disney guides are great resources for new and returning visitors to the Disney parks.
Another great resource is the Birnbaum Disney Parks guides.

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Saving money in the parks means everything from discount tickets, to discounts on dining. Some of the tricks might surprise you, but they all are tried and true!

Saving Money at the Parks

1. Wrack up points on your Disney Visa Card – If you are a Disney fan and have good credit, get a Disney Visa Card. There are two versions of the card depending on what you’re looking for. I opted for the no-annual-fee card and still feel like the benefits are worth while. The Disney Visa not only offers you points that can be redeemed for Disney gift cards, it also offers discounts on select restaurants and 10% off of merchandise purchases of $50 or more at certain locations. Check out all of the benefits of a Disney Visa Card.

2. Purchase discount tickets – When searching for discount tickets to the parks, the best place to go to is a verified travel planner or travel planning site, such as Undercover Tourist. Check back often, as Undercover Tourist is constantly releasing new deals.

3. Bring your own food – Food is one of the biggest expenses while at Disney, with a family of four easily spending $40-$60 on a quick service meal. One way to save a few dollars is to get groceries delivered to you resort. Instacart will deliver to any Disney Resort as well as those hotels and home rentals in the area. There is a small fee for delivery, but well worth it when you consider you don’t have to worry about getting an Uber to get to your local Publix. Disney does all food and non-alcoholic beverages into the parks, so bagged lunch is always an option! If you’d still like to eat lunch in the parks, at least consider having breakfast at your hotel and keeping some snacks around so you aren’t tempted to grab that $5 Mickey Bar every night. Pro tip – You will need the zip code to place your order. It’s 32830.

4. Eat a big lunch – If you don’t want to miss out on the Disney food, think about booking a reservation for lunch rather than dinner at a table service restaurant. Not only will this probably cut down on the amount of food you’re eating (you’ll have those snacks in the hotel for a late night nibble!), but the prices of most restaurants are cheaper at lunch.

5. Purchase a stroller on Amazon – If you are planning to rent a stroller everyday you might be better off purchasing one on Amazon that you can have shipped to your hotel. The current price of a single stroller is $15 per day. If you pre-pay and book your stroller for your length of stay you will receive one day for free. However, depending on what you need, there are some economical options on Amazon, such as this Winnie the Pooh umbrella stroller for $29.15. Basically, if you are there for 4 or more days, bringing or buying your own will save you quite a bit!

6. Remember your Target RED Card – As I mentioned in my post about saving on accommodations at Disney, Target RED cardholders can get 5% off all gift card purchases, including Disney gift cards. If you can determine the approximate amount you will spend in Disney on food and merchandise, you could save 5% just by purchasing a gift card through Target!

Have your own photo shoot at Disney and show off your favorite Disney Style.
Don’t want to pay for Photopass? Grab your iPhone and have your own photo shoot!

What are your money saving tips for Disney? Let me know below!