10 Disney Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm since it was released in October 2010. Today, more than 1 billion users actively utilize Instagram monthly and more than 500 million users log on daily. 52% of those users are female and 32% of all internet users are on Instagram (Onmicore).

As one of the “younger” social media platforms, it is pretty incredible that Instagram is the 3rd most utilized platform, after Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) and YouTube. Equally as amazing is that 78% of Influencers, people who possess an expert level of knowledge and/or social influence in their respective fields, prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations.

But where does Disney fit into this Instagram craze?

Log on to Instagram and head to the “Explore” page. In the search bar type in #disney. As of today, you will be able to browse 62 million posts that users have hashtagged (a categorization tool) “Disney.” This number does not include all the other Disney related hashtags that are out there like #disneystyle, #disneyhome, #disneyfoodie, #disneywedding, and many more.

Many of the users posting pictures and videos using Disney hashtags are accounts that focus completely on Disney, like mine, @karmankismet. If you were to look over my shoulder while I was on my @karmankismet Instagram, you would see nothing but Disney – both in terms of the pictures and videos I post and the accounts that I follow. My feed shows off my personality and the intersection of my other interests with Disney. You’ll see lots of bold colors, artwork, DIY projects, and pictures of my friends and family.

Something else you’ll find when scrolling through my feed, is positivity. Instagram has gotten some heat over the years for causing anxiety, depression, bullying, and FOMO, or “fear of missing out” (TIME Magazine). The study noted surveyed 1,500 teens and young adults, and while I do not fall into that category now, when Instagram first came out, I was a teen heading into college. When I started using Instagram, I had a personal account through which I connected with my classmates, friends, and family members. On my personal account I would often feel FOMO or worry about why my picture had not been liked by someone in particular. That pressure was self inflicted and as I got older I realized I didn’t need to place that pressure on myself. At that time, I stumbled upon the Disney Instagram Community.

I created my @karmankismet account to showcase my love of Disney without the fear of being judged by my personal contacts and connect with people who shared my interests. Over the last few years I have made friends who understand the importance of keeping a continual Disney countdown, appreciate my Disney inspired artwork, and will message back and forth for hours about the latest Disney news. Each account I follow exudes positivity and brings a little bit of that Disney magic into my day.

One of the best parts of the Disney Instagram Community is the diversity. I follow over 1,000 Disney accounts that each have a different way of showcasing their Disney love. Below are 10 Disney Instagrammers who I love and think you will to!

Disney Style Inspiration

@abbycorkins – Abby is the epitome of sunshine and rainbows. Her feed is full of bright colors, lots of smiles, and incredible Disney fashion. Check out her YouTube for even more Disney Style magic.

@capricecole – Caprice Cole describes herself as a “Professional Pattern Mixer,” and after viewing her feed, you’ll see that she has earned that title. Her aesthetic is uniquely her own and illustrates her flawless style and bright personality.

DIY Disney Projects

@little_magical_adventures – The cutest Disney-loving family showcases Do-It-Yourself crafts that are inspired by Disney movies. Some of my favorites have included “Lion King” pizza, Mickey Mouse fruit bowls, and “Toy Story” footprint art. Check out their adorable handmade wooden spoons and stickers available in their shop.

@yuki_s117 – From homemade breads to expertly decorated cupcakes, Yuki_Ym, a Disney Vacation Club Member, will have you craving any food she creates!

Disney Park Photography

@imaginography71 – Matt Stemerman shares his beautiful Disney Parks photography, showcasing his incredible eye!

@disnerdy_ – Scott’s photography is simply breathtaking, with rich colors, expert focus, and clearly a love of Disney.

Vintage Disney Vibes

@incindysshoes – Melissa is a “vintage girl, living in a 21st century world,” and a lover of all things Disney. Melissa’s feed is full of retro Disney finds, Disney fashion, and a pastel color palette that is gorgeous!

@candypalaceprincess – Vintage style + Disneybounding makes for all the heart-eyed emojis!

Disney Foodies Unite

@disneycalifoodieadventure – Jennifer takes her followers on a journey through all that Disneyland has to offer when it comes to food. Just be sure not to visit her feed while you’re hungry!

@disney_foodie_ – Before you head on your next Disney trip, be sure to scroll through @disney_foodie_’s feed to make your “must-eat” list!

A Little of Everything

@karmankismet – Shameless personal plug! I try to incorporate all my loves (art, style, eating Gluten Free…) into my feed and hope you enjoy what I have to share!

@amagicalkingdomcalledhome – Esther is a Disney Mom with a couple of adorable kiddos. She shares everything from Disney fashion, to Disney snacks and DIY projects, to the sweetest family activities!

Comment below with your Instagram to share how your express your love of Disney!