Disney Style on a Dime – How to Create a Magical Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

No matter if I am at a Disney park or heading to work, I love to incorporate Disney into my fashion and lately, major brands have made it easy to do so. Disney style has taken over in the last few years, with top designers like Givenchy, rag & bone, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs incorporating Disney characters into their collections. From purses to sweaters to jumpsuits, you can find just about anything with a touch of Disney.

As exciting as it is to see Disney collaborating with major brands, the cost of items can deter one from filling their wardrobe with these styles – especially for us bargain shoppers who can’t bring themselves to spend more than $25 on a single item! Thankfully, with a little creativity, patience, and searching, there are tons of ways that you can have a wardrobe full of Disney looks without breaking the bank. Check out how I have built my Disney wardrobe!

Raid Mom’s Closet

Some of my best finds have come from begging my Mom to let me borrow her clothes! Think about the people in your life who are Disney fans from a way back and ask them if they might have anything hidden away that they wouldn’t mind passing down to you. Don’t be deterred if it’s the wrong size; you can always upcycle a piece by adding on a little extra fabric, or throwing on a fitted blazer.

My Mom bought this denim jacket at the Disney Store in the 1990’s and it’s still so cute!

Stop at Your Local Thrift Store and Yard Sales

Grab a cup of coffee, get your walking sneakers on, and head to your local thrift store or yard sales! If you have some patience and don’t mind getting a little dirty, thrift stores and yard sales can be a gold mine of Disney style pieces. You can find anything from the most recent Disney collaborations to vintage pieces that others no longer want. You’ll have to search through a lot of nothing to find something, but if you can bring a friend along it’s not so bad! Best part? Most items are super cheap – I just grabbed a vest that I “Disney-fied” by painting a Mickey balloon on the back for $4!

Not an artist? Grab a stencil and paint on a thrifted item to get the same look!

Check out the full video  and see how I created this vest for $4!

Look Out for Sales

One of the best ways to get Disney style pieces and not have to work too hard is sales. I have a running list of my favorite stores and keep my eye on. Be sure to join their mailing lists and search the Sale/Clearance section when you are just scrolling through your phone while watching TV. Below is my list of large shops that are my favorites:

Love this comfy sweater that I got on sale from H&M last Winter!

Small shops can also offer great finds! I have my favorites that I follow on Instagram and am a part of their mailing list, but other times I will just search “Disney fashion” or “Disney [insert clothing item]” on Etsy or Ebay to see what I can find. I’ve found a lot of luck getting vintage Disney items on Ebay for super cheap and finding funky Disney jewelry on Etsy! I won’t list any small shops here, because I think that constitutes an entire post to itself!

Make Your Own

Lots of times I see certain trends on Instagram or Pinterest that I get obsessed with, but want to add a bit more magic to. That’s where the glue gun, paint, and sewing machine comes in handy! Try painting a jacket, sewing a pocket tee, or making a bow headband.

Below is a Mickey Mouse bag that I created. I am loving the Ratten bag craze and made it my own with a few patches from Michael’s ($4 each) and a scarf I had picked up on sale from the Disney Store a while ago ($12)! The bag cost me $14 at Primark.

With a little bit of creativity you can create a piece that is one of a kind!

Do you have any tips for creating a magical wardrobe on a dime? Share them below!