Why do you Love Disney So Much?

Any Disney fan who is over the age of 12 has no doubt been asked countless times “why do you like Disney so much?” Most times when I am asked I just smile, shrug my shoulders, and say “I just do!”

Do these people really want to know the many reasons or is it their way of questioning my sanity? Either way, I spare them what would turn into a 45-minute long diatribe about the magic of Disney. However, I figured I would answer the question here, so in case they really do want to know, they can find out.

Why I Love Disney

I, like so many Disney fans, was born into the lifestyle – and it truly is a lifestyle! My parents first visited Walt Disney World on their Honeymoon in the 1970’s and have continued visiting ever since then. Each of my siblings and I traveled to Walt Disney World before we were 3 years old and grew up watching the Disney Channel, singing along to Disney music, and devouring any book we could find that had to do with the Disney Company. Our family became Disney Vacation Club Members in the late 90’s and have been visiting anywhere from one to five times a year since then. We have gone on Disney Cruises, visited Disneyland several times, seen almost every Disney show on Broadway, and continue to look forward to our adventures. 13239233_10100279811344745_6118315825412815641_n

Throughout my almost three decades of life, my trips to Disney and Disney-related experiences were what I looked forward to. I would watch Disney Vacation Planning videos and anxiously count down the days until we would finally be back “home.”

But why do I love it so much? It’s a difficult question and I don’t know if I can truly put my finger on the source of my love, but I know the following for certain . . .

  1. Family – I am blessed to have a close family, despite the fact that we live in three different states across the East Coast. We talk every day through the “Family Group Chat” and on the rare occasions that we get to spend time together, we can talk for hours. My family members can correct me if I am wrong, but I think that Disney has a lot to do with our bond. No matter what changes we have in our lives, we always have a common topic to discuss – Disney. We can share the latest news, discuss our thoughts on changes, and recall past trips fondly without missing a beat. We will always share the love of the original “O’Canada,” roll our eyes at people who think other theme parks are better (sorry!), and laugh about that time that we got evacuated off of an attraction. For us, Disney is more than a few theme parks – it’s our memories personified and a place that we have truly grown up at along with each other.
  2. Inspiration – My first love is visual art. I am a self-taught artist with an inclination for graphic design and obsession with color palettes. I have always been self-conscious about my art, like so many others, and often will go through lulls where art is not my focus. As I have gotten older, these lulls have gotten less because I have begun to understand the power that art has on my well-being and success. I am not an artist by trade, but I am thankful to be in a position where I can use  my skills in my 9 to 5 and then go home and create art that I share with you all through karma&kismet. My inspiration has always come from Disney. Disney movies, retro Disney posters, Disney parks, and Disney artists. The breath of talent, styles, and techniques employed at Disney presents an endless amount of inspiration and rejuvenates my desire to create.
  3. Joy – Like everyone, there have been times in my life that I have faced obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. As I have gotten older of course these challenges have increased in size and severity. With them, comes emotional roadblocks. I have worked to find tools that help me handle these challenges, and for me, the most powerful tools are my art and Disney. Going hand-in-hand, Disney and art bring joy into my life no matter what else is going on. When challenges arise I turn on my Disney music, grab my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and start drawing. Like I said before, I do not know the exact reason why Disney has this ability to turn my mood around almost instantaneously, but I won’t fight it! It has helped me get through health issues, problems in my personal life, and so much more.

I do not know if that quite answers the question I have gotten so many times as well as I would hope, but it touches on a few of the important ways that Disney has helped to shape my life.

If you are a Disney fan, I’d love to hear your answer to the question – is it the same or different than mine? Comment below!