5 Ways to Make Planning Half the Fun

Like a wise person once said, when one Disney trip ends, another one begins. Okay, maybe the saying goes a little differently, but I think those are pretty wise words!

As any Disney fan knows, half of the excitement of a Disney trip is getting ready for it. There’s the planning of each day, strategic packing of your carry-on to ensure you can bring all 10 pairs of Minnie Mouse ears that are essential for your perfect outfit, and the endless hours of watching videos and reading trip reports to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Over the years I have picked up some fun ways to keep the magic going until I am on my way to my next Disney adventure. Below are 5 ways that I’d love to share with you so that you can bring home the magic while planning your next trip!

5 Ways to Add Even More Fun to Your Disney Trip Planning

1. DIY Countdown

First things first, you have to keep track of how many days are left until your Disney adventure! There are some really cute and easy ways to create your own countdown out there including taking a link off of a Mickey Mouse chain each day, marking off days on a Disney themed calendar, and more.

I, being the bargain queen that I am, took a trip to one of my favorite spots, Target, and found this chalkboard in the craft aisle. I grabbed some chalkboard markers and got inspired by retro Disneyland!


My advice? Make something that fits in your home. If your home decor is rustic, grab an unfinished piece of wood, add some clips to hold small pieces of paper with numbers on them, and finish it off with a quick “Days Until Disney” title to fit into your home perfectly!

2. Plan Disney Themed Outfits

I, like so many of you out there, take great pride in curating the perfect wardrobe for each Disney trip. I get inspiration from other Disney fans and spend way too much time scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy trying to figure out what I am going to wear each day of my trip. Next time you are a feeling a little “Disney fomo,” open up Instagram and search some of the following hashtags – #disneyoutfit #disneyfashion #disneystyle #disneyshirt – You will find some incredible inspiration and some awesome small businesses that are selling Disney-inspired clothing!


3. Disney Planning Party

Get the whole gang together for a night of planning! Serve a Disney inspired menu (spaghetti for Lady & the Tramp seems fitting!), turn on some Disney parks music, and play some Disney trivia!

While you’re sitting around the dinner table, why not get an idea of what is on everyone’s “must-do” list. Here’s a few questions you could ask or have on index cards for your guests to fill out:

1. What’s your favorite attraction in each park?

2. Do you want to meet the characters? If so, who?

3. What’s your favorite activity to do at Disney (i.e. pin trading, resort hopping, spa day)?

4. What restaurant is on your “must do” list?

5. What’s your favorite show/parade (fireworks included!)?

These answers will give you a better idea of what attractions, shows, and other parts of the resort you have to hit and what you can save for next time. If you are going with people who you are close with and already know these answers, put together a Disney Bucket List and see if there is anything you can plan to check off on your trip!

4. Create an Itinerary

If you’re a “play it by ear” kind of a person, maybe skip to the next section, but for my fellow obsessive planners out there, welcome! I plan my trips down to the second, with food of course being the main priority! For newer Disney travelers I would suggest grabbing a copy of the current Birnbaum’s book on the park you will be visiting (if in the USA – there are other great resources for international parks too!). Birnbaum’s offers you an outline of each attraction, restaurant, and other activities on property. It also includes a couple pages of coupons that are pretty great if you plan on hitting Disney Springs! For resident Disney planners, you probably know all the tricks, so please share them in the comments below!


5. Packing

Some of you might be wondering why I would include the terrible chore of packing in a list of ways to make planning half the fun. Well, I think it is one of the best parts! This means you are just day(s) away from your adventure! However, I do know that sometimes it can be stressful, so I figured I send a little Disney magic your way with a FREE download of a Disney_Packing_List! Plus, because you planned all your outfits out you won’t have the problem of over or under packing. See, packing can be fun!


I hope these tips and tricks help make the time between your Disney adventures a bit more bearable! I would love to hear how you bring the magic into your planning – comment below!