Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

This past week, Disney made it super easy for those of us living in the New York tri-state area to bring home some magic!

From November 8, 2018 to February 10, 2019, fans of the most famous mouse will have the chance to wish him a happy 90th birthday through a pop-up art exhibition in New York City. I had the opportunity to visit Mickey: The True Original Exhibition on November 10th and let me tell you, if you are a Disney fan or appreciate contemporary art you have to stop by!

I arrived at 60 10th Avenue New York, NY about an hour before my ticketed time slot. The crowd was crazy, with lots of Disney fans trying to get their hands on the limited edition Funko Pop that had been released that morning. The shop is not terribly large, but is filled with some of the special fashion and merchandise that was released for Mickey’s 90th Birthday. I picked up a pair of Mickey: The True Original Exhibition ears, a Rag + Bone Mickey Mouse scarf, notebook, and a Funko Pop.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibit

PRO TIP: Be prepared to wait in a long line if you visit on the weekend. We waited for over 25 minutes to make our purchase, but it was well worth it for the Mickey goodies we snagged!

Once I had finished my shopping I made my way to the entrance of the exhibit. To enter, there are two unmarked Mickey Shoe yellow doors on the opposite corner of the block from the shop. Cast Members are there to greet you and scan your mobile ticket. Because tickets are available for a certain time slot, we did have to wait a bit until we entered along with the rest of our time slot group. But no worries, the picture-taking fun starts here with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears background that you can pose at!

After being told to take LOTS of pictures and videos and tag @mickeytrueoriginal, we were led into the exhibition that is made up of 12 rooms. In each room Cast Members are available and more than happy to take your picture and tell you interesting facts about the exhibit. There were plenty of people who were there alone and probably had just as many pictures as those who went with a group!

Mickey: The True Original Exhibit

Here’s a few highlights from the rooms:


An approximately 1 minute long video showcasing some of the most iconic moments in Mickey’s life is played and accompanied by MagnusTheMagnus’ song “Area.”


“Hello Mickey” introduces guests to Mickey Mouse and his creator, Walt Disney. As you enter the room, Walt Disney’s first Oscar award statue is on display along with the iconic picture of Walt with a Mickey Mouse plush. Perpendicular to the important piece of Disney history, is a wall of Mickey Mouse sketches in neon lights that is the first real Instagram-worthy picture spot. Walking further into the room, there is a replica of the boat from “Steamboat Willie” that you can captain. In a separate room off the back, Beats headphones are available to listen to the “Steamboat Willie” soundtrack while watching a side by side video of the original short and a new take.


This room may have been my favorite spot throughout the entire exhibition. I could have stared at Daniel Arsham’s piece inspired by the 1936 cartoon, “Thru the Mirror” all day.


“It’s Black & White” is filled with an oversized story board and plenty of spots for adorable pictures with a few of the fab-five during their black and white days. Be sure you keep an eye out for Mickey’s shoes on the ground – if you stand on his footprints everything will come together for you!


Ok, so maybe this was my favorite part of the exhibit too . . . After exploring the black and white days of animation, you are lead into a hallway that brings you to the Ink & Paint Department.


One of the best parts of Mickey: The True Original Exhibition is the celebration and inclusion of all different types of art. “Burst into Color!” showcases the textile arts, with a crocheted scene from Mickey the 1935 cartoon, “The Band Concert,” and Amanda Ross-Ho’s “Untitled T-Shirt (NONAGENARIAN).”


“Sorcerer’s Way” puts you in the beloved Disney classic, “Fantasia” and lets you be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Be sure to take a peek in the cylinders that are placed around the room to see some sketches come to life.


Entering the “Mickey Mouse Club” room is like living every child’s dream who had the chance to watch any of the MMC reboots! Scenes from the different shows play around the soda shop counter, while you get to snack on some Ample Hills Creamery ice cream!


“Original Muse” was made up of a collection of pieces from artists such as Keith Harding.


Every Disney history nerd and antique collector will love “The Collection.” Mickey Mouse merchandise from the past 90 years line the walls that encircle two Mickey Mouse inspired art pieces. At the exit of the room is one of Walt’s original sketches of Mickey Mouse and wise words from the man himself.


The final room of the paid exhibition gives you the chance to try out the Google Home and answer some Mickey Mouse trivia. All participants and those in the audience are given a special pin for taking part!


“Cosmic Cavern” is free and open to the public. It is accessible through the shop and is a must-see even if you can’t make it to the whole exhibit.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition runs until February 10, 2019 and is well worth the $38 ticket. Be sure to purchase your tickets HERE, as tickets are not available for purchase at the exhibit.

Have you or are you planning on stopping by? What are you most excited about? Comment below!